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Aero-Alert Septic Tank High Water Alarm (15 ft.)

Aero-Alert Septic Tank High Water Alarm (15 ft.)

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Aero-ALERT is the industries first fully self-contained low voltage alarm system. Use this alarm with the Septic System Saver products to notify you of a power outage to the product or if there is a need to service the unit. Also includes the high water alarm function to notify you that your effluent filter requires servicing.

Audible and visual notification
15 Ft high water tethered float switch
75in Mast - Field cut for any application
Includes: Alarm, Air Line Tee with 10' Section of Airline, Batteries, Weighed Base with 75in. Mast, Float Switch with 15 ft. cord
Easily installed in 15 minutes or less, kit is designed to fit any existing septic system or holding tank in residential or commercial applications
Features a self contained power cell which eliminates the need to obtain an electrical permit or licensed electrical contractor to perform the installation, reducing the installation cost
Long life power cell needs changing only annually and will emit the visual and audible signal for up to 4 months continually
Alerts the homeowner when a low air pressure or high water condition exists in the septic tank before a backup occurs in the dwelling, such as when an effluent pump fails or a filter needs servicing

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