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29 in. x 23 in. Black Adjustable Pockets Clear Acrylic Hanging Magazine Rack (2-Pack)

29 in. x 23 in. Black Adjustable Pockets Clear Acrylic Hanging Magazine Rack (2-Pack)

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The AdirOffice Hanging Magazine Rack with Clear Acrylic Adjustable Pockets offers a convenient and professional way of displaying all of your literature while freeing up office furniture. You can quickly organize your magazines, pamphlets, fliers and inserts for easy viewing in any professional setting. Built to last, the organizer is expertly made of high-quality acrylic that is shatter resistant to provide long-term durability. Providing a clear, unobstructed view, the acrylic is transparent to allow customers, patients and guests to view the literature and choose what interests them without having to wade through stacks of magazines and papers. Sliding acrylic pockets can accommodate both full size, 8.5 in. x 11 in. magazines and slim, 4 in. x 9 in. brochures on every row. The acrylic dividers can be removed and easily snap into the slots located in each pocket, allowing you to create a custom display for all of your literature. The magazine rack presents a professional image while keeping the literature from being cluttered on the waiting room furniture, tables, desks or counter spaces. Hardware included for an easy installation. Set of 2.

Size 29 in. x 23 in.
Clear acrylic for easy viewing
Pockets are customizable to hold both magazines and brochures
Wall mounting hardware included
Accommodates 8.5 x 11 magazines and slim 4 x 9 brochures
Quick and easy installation with wall mounting hardware
29 in. x 23 in. black adjustable pockets clear acrylic hanging magazine rack 2 pack
12 clear adjustable pockets
Manufactured with transparent, high-quality acrylic, AdirOffice hanging organizer provides long lasting use without chipping or getting scratched
A reliable storage unit that can conveniently be hanged on the wall, allowing you to keep tables and counter spaces well ordered, free from clutter
Useful equipment for your office, lobby or foyer of any professional space that offers convenient access to your literature in this organized vertical display
The transparent acrylic, which is used, delivers an easy, clear and unobstructed view of any magazines or brochures within the display
The removable acrylic dividers snap easy into the slots, allowing you to create a customized display for your literature assortment

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